D6 LogoSo, What Is D6?

Unfortunately, many parents rely on the pastor, Sunday School teacher, or youth pastor to be the primary spiritual influence for our kids. D6 tells us this is the primary job and responsibility for dads and moms. The problem is we only spend, at most, four hours a week at church. What about the other 164 hours?

D6 stands for Deuteronomy 6:5-7 which commands dads and moms to take everyday opportunities to impress God’s Word upon the hearts of their children. D6 is foundational to raising spiritual champions for Christ.

We must be active in passing our faith along to our kids. It’s clear from D6 that, while church is a vital part of this development, it cannot stop there. It must continue in the home.

The D6 website offers simple resources that can help you make an impact on your family, such as inspiring and entertaining D6 Stories, D6 Curriculum that connects church and home, Splinks– Simple ways to link your family together (a free, weekly resource), D6 Devotional Magazines for the entire family, D6 Books, streaming video from today’s leading family experts, and the upcoming event that will change the face of the American family, the D6 Conference.

Check out the website at www.D6family.com

Listed below are the FOOTSTEPS that we as a church believe are essential in helping you be a D6 Family!

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